TMJ Orthotics

When you break a bone, a cast is needed to help your body heal. TMJ dysfunction is corrected in the same way. In order to prevent further damage and eliminate pain, you need treatment that is customized to your exact musculoskeletal system and symptoms. At Today’s Headache Institute, our custom-fabricated TMJ orthotics are designed to keep the joint in a more stable condition, similar to a splint, allowing for proper healing of the affected area.

Are TMJ Orthotics Right For Me?

A TMJ orthotic is a precisely fitted device that is fabricated based on your specific needs. This device is typically worn to help correct the alignment of your jaw, as well as the surrounding muscles. Our splints are custom-fabricated based on your unique bite, and are made on-site using our 3D printer. Utilizing this state of the art technology, our professionals will evaluate your bite and print your mouthpiece right on site, so you can benefit from your TMJ orthotics sooner.

Once your orthotic is printed and placed, you will notice your bite feels more comfortable. Once your jaw is properly aligned, you will also notice an improvement in other functions such as balance and sleep, along will more optimized muscle positioning in your neck, shoulders, back, and whole body.

Further benefits of our TMJ orthotics include:

  • Improved neck and craniocervical posture

  • Reduced and/or eliminated headaches and migraines

  • Improved facial balance and symmetry through gradual remodeling

  • Increased airway volume

  • And more

Break free from your TMJ symptoms and get back to a comfortable lifestyle with our custom-fabricated TMJ orthotics. To learn more, contact Today’s Headache Institute today! Solve your pain in 6-8 months or we’ll give you your money back.

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