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The following case show how substandard dental work can have huge implications when it comes to Head Pain problems. This 60+ year old patient presented to our office after being referred by his case worker. He had just completed a full TMJ treatment program with another local area specialist. His pain had not improved. It actually worsened with treatment. His Headaches and Facial Pain were debilitating. Both the patient and the case worker decided that things were not headed in the right direction. This is not uncommon. Many practitioners attempt to treat these complex issues, only to find out that they lack the knowledge, experience, and technology to be able to provide such care. Do your homework before you decide to undergo such care!

The analysis for this patient concluded that he was suffering from a severe displacement of his jaw joints, accompanied by cervical (neck) dysfunction. The patient stated that these symptoms all began from his car accident several years ago.
During our comprehensive analysis we also concluded that his neck problems needed further investigation. We referred him to our neurologist for a complete evaluation. The neurologist referred him to a neurosurgeon, who would not allow him to return home. He was hospitalized immediately for neck surgery. The surgeon indicated to us that his neck was a “walking time bomb” and even a slight turn of the head could have paralyzed him for life. We could not believe this, as his case worker told us that he was receiving regular physical medicine and therapy for his neck. Needless to say, everyone was mistreating this fine gentleman.

After 6 months, his neck problems were improved and we were able to start his treatment. Our analysis concluded that the dental work he had performed was severely deficient. This work was performed for the purpose of restoring his bite and re-stabilizing his jaw position. It was actually doing the opposite! Our analysis and Xrays concluded that the work which was performed lacked functions, stabilization, and standard of care. The crowns had poor fit, the bite was collapsed and the roots under the bridges were infected. The jaw joints were completely worn out due to lack of proper bite stability. Pain was constant! Headaches were excruciating.

Notice the severe overbite (you can’t see the bottom front teeth) and notice the missing back teeth…no stability!

Our treatment goal was directed to providing the needed stabilization. Implant surgery was required. 2 implants were placed on the lower jaw and 3 on the upper. This allowed us to rebuild his bite to the proper position. EMG Analysis concluded that his lower jaw was out of alignment by over 8 mm…a huge problem that his previous specialist obviously had no clue how to diagnose.  A new balanced bite and stability provided by the implants gave us the ability to return him to a normal life.

Utilizing neuromuscular dentistry, implant surgery, and advanced prosthodontic methods we were able to finish restoring his mouth and providing him with the needed stability. He no longer has any symptoms of headaches or jaw pain. His neck gets sore at time, but it certainly beats being paralyzed.
Pt states: “I owe you my life. You saved me from hell. If it wasn’t for you, I probably would be in a wheelchair right now. Furthermore, I have no more headaches and my jaws feel great.”

Notice, below, how our comprehensive treatment program gave him a new stable, confident, and amazing smile; plus…the major thing he was seeking: PAIN RELIEF!