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Dental Function, Mercury, Gum Disease

As part of Digestion and Food come your jaws and teeth. If you have missing teeth or an abnormal occlusion (bite) you are most likely deficient in proper jaw function. Impaired mouth structure and function can lead to abnormal breathing, digestion, health ailments, and pain. Functional or reconstructive dentistry can provide optimal function and health.

Grinding and clenching teeth is an issue that affects over 25% of the population. This can cause an impact on over 45% of your nervous system function. Controlling clenching and bruxing issues is one of the most important treatments that dentists can offer to patients.

What other oral conditions can add to your health problems?

First, consider that amalgam (silver) fillings can be potential toxic sources for your body. These fillings contain mercury which leaks into your system and can cause a myriad of health problems. Although the debate on this topic continues please consider why dental offices are now mandated by the government to have amalgam separators installed. These devices remove mercury from the evacuation lines. The reason is that the FDA considers the removal of silver (amalgam) fillings to be a toxic procedure as the mercury is released during drilling. Mercury is considered a toxic element by the FDA and it is required to be removed before entering sewer lines or waterways. If silver fillings were safe we would not need amalgam separators to keep the environment safe. In Europe amalgam has been banned for a long time.

Mercury has also been removed from thermometers and even a small spillage in a chemistry lab causes an emergency protocol to be implemented. Why would you want it in your body?

Although we do not recommend removing amalgam fillings that are in good condition you must be aware of the potential side effects that these fillings may have or could cause to your health. Should you need to remove these outdated restorations then Encapsulation and safe removal procedures must be followed.

There are plenty of stories regarding symptom improvement in patients who have had their mercury fillings removed. There are also stories of patients who have developed debilitating health issues after having amalgam fillings placed.

Personally, I have seen the dangerous health effects that mercury has caused to my own health due to the thousands of these fillings that I have removed without precautionary procedures. It has affected my nervous, epidermal, circulatory, and skeletal system in many serious ways. I have spent thousands of dollars on treatments to have mercury and other metals removed from my body. These treatments can be very expensive and not always efficacious.

Prevention is the key!

Second, gum disease (periodontal disease) has been linked to a variety of health related concerns. Even gingivitis can increase inflammation in your body. Heart surgeons will not perform a cardiology procedure on you without getting clearance regarding your dental health. If heart surgeons know the danger of oral bacteria you can be assured that claims of oral infection and health problems are valid. Having gum disease is equivalent to the level of bacteria present in a foot that is full of gangrene. Periodontal problems often go undetected in many dental offices. With the pressure of making a profit in some dental offices it is often very easy to neglect gum issues. XRs and soft tissue evaluation are the only way to properly determine if you have periodontal problems. Treatment can include deep scaling, bone surgery, laser assisted therapy, and antibiotics. Long term the only solution is proper hygiene.

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