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Treatment Guarantee

Many of our patients want to know what the treatment costs are. While we do not quote a pricing structure without a proper individual diagnosis, we can however estimate prices for such treatments starting at approximately $275, ranging into the thousands. This all depends on the severity if the diagnosis, and the treatment needed.

Some patients can benefit from a simple device, such as a NTI Deprogrammer, while other patients may require extensive multiple procedure intervention, with a variety of treatment professionals.

Our Guarantee

We realize that many of our patients have exhausted their efforts in trying to find a cure for their head pain and migraine problems.

We don’t want to be “another doctor” or “another office” that you go to. We want to be the practice that treats your pain with a high degree of success.

Most of our patients achieve SIGNIFICANT RELIEF of their symptoms within 8 months! Should you not experience such outcome, we will be happy to refund your fees (minus labs costs.)

Our guarantee is formulated on an individual basis (with some limitations), so please ask us for our written guarantee guidelines and protocol BEFORE treatment commences.

Contact Dr. Halmaghi’s staff at 248-952-9815 to obtain any additional information you may need for utilizing our evaluation service.

Our Headache Treatment Video

For additional information, please order our Treatment Video so that you can learn more about the causes of migraine headaches.


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