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Migraine TMJ Craniofacial Pain — Successful Treatment

tmj222The Migraine Headache Photo Gallery contains a collection of successful diagnoses and treatments developed upon differential diagnosis and neuromuscular-biomechanical properties of pain caused by TMJ and TMD. Before and After photos are provided where available, as well as picture sequences that demonstrate the particular procedures used in a variety of treatment plans for migraine and TMJ/TMD patients. Severe headache pain and migraines afflict people of all ages. Examples of children and adults are included, all with histories of misdiagnosed neuromuscular based, craniofacial mandibular pain. Visit Xray Types to see pictures of actual diagnostic films used by Dr. Halmaghi for diagnosing the conditions outlined in these cases.

TMJ Orthodontic Treatment


Migraine Diagnosis with Cervical (Neck) Dysfunction


Migraine Treatment Including Cosmetic Makeover Dentistry


 How Poor Dental Work Can Cause Head Pain


Children’s Headaches – Ear Pain

Congenital Overbite Induced Ear/Jaw Pain

Physical Trauma

Automobile Accident Induced Headache Pain

MVA – 2 Year Post Injury Headache Pain


Late Effects of Motor Vehicle Accident


How Loss of Teeth Can Cause Head Pain


Migraine Treatment in Child Patient


20 Year Headache History

Lower Jaw – Mandible Displacement

Automobile Accident Induced Headache Pain


Complex Differential Diagnosis

Traditional Medication Treatment Failure

Congenital Jaw Bone – Skull Bone Malalignment

Multiple Diagnosis and Treatment Failures

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